Kisikura Bar

KISIKURA is a pure oxygen therapy producing unparalleled effects on the human body. If you are visiting one of our events and you wish for a natural revitalizing oxygen experience, you only need to relax in a comfortable chair…and breathe in! Oxygen is inhaled through a sterile nasal attachment.: a device is in place to extract nitrogen from the air you breathe in, leaving 92% to 98% of oxygen, enabling you to inhale up to five times more oxygen.

Results? Pure physical energy! Revitalized body! No more headaches!

Focused and clear thoughts! KISIKURA is completely mobile and adds variety to any indoor or outdoor event.

Kisikura Mič Styling

Oxygen bar KISIKURA can be branded to promote any brand or a new product according to your wishes. Since all visitors will spend several minutes relaxing in the bar, we might as well give them a look at an exciting new product. We also provide staff that will inform them of your brand and product.

Kisikura kongres

Do you want your event to be something more?

One thing is certain: KISIKURA will bring a breath of new energy to your event! Every business needs constant upgrades and your customers are entitled to a service they want and – deserve. KISIKURA provides for a path of a unique and whole service and satisfied customers, reflecting also in maximized earnings.

Kisikura Sejem Elan

One thing is certain

KISIKURA will bring a breath of fresh energy to your event!

KISIKURA will do all this without any unnecessary hassle, since it has been designed to be undemanding in the space it needs. During KISIKURA, which last s for mere minutes visitors it comfortably, reading your catalogue or watches a presentation of your brand and products on an iPad focusing solely on the presentation of your company in a relaxed environment.